is an integrated strategic platform that brings opportunines, develops strategy and oversees implementation.


We seek to invest in small to mid sized companies with sustainable competitive advantageous and global growth potential in selected industries

ICT & Digital

We target high-growth potential startups and early growth-phase firms especially from fintech, digital entertainment, education and IoT verticals.

FMCG & Organized Retail

We target high-growth potential local and international organized retail chains in Turkey and CEEMEA region.

Educational Services

We target high-growth potential professional education in higher education industry in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey

Bluecap Professionals have strong strategic advisory capabilities tailored to our clients’ requirements

Corporate Finance

We provide a broad range of financial advisory to our corporate clients to meet their needs of financing, valuation, treasury & financial risk management and strategic planning.

Strategic Solutions

We provide sustainable and profitable business models in line with our clients’ achievements using proven methodologies;
Competitive and SWOT Analysis, OGSM (Objectives- Goals-Strategies-Measures).

  • M&A’s, Ipo Strategy & Preparations

  • Financial Modeling & Strategies

  • Cash and Debt Management

  • Capital Market Instruments

  • Hedging Activites

  • Telecommunications, ICT and Digital

  • FMCG & Organized Retail

  • Educational Services

  • Wealth Management & Real Estate



GPAY is an electronic wallet solution which enables individual users to make payments through various method. GPAY provides carefully designed payment services to facility user transaction.


VOIDU is a digital game distribution platform for Downloadable and Free-2-Play games targeting Turkish & Middle East, North African (MENA) game markets. Voidu works with local partners, focused on a local approach, using local strategies, with a global mindset.


Bulutistan is the technology bridge between cloud technology providers and corporate customers with long term partnerships. Bulutistan is specialized on cloud computing, cloud technology services and technology consultancy services.


Symanto Research was founded by a vision to combine new technologies with multi-disciplined sciences to be able to understand people, groups and networks holistically. Symanto aims to make marketing strategies more targeted & specific, and to measure & evaluate their effectiveness.


Instapio is an in-store analytics and marketing platform for location-aware apps. Instapio partners with companies around the world to enable them location-based analytics services. Our partners are developing solutions in retail, auto dealers, malls, public areas, events, schools, hotels and airports.


BirBileneSor App provides an interactive learning environment to students who are preparing for different exams. Bir Bilene Sor App enables students post their questions by  taking a photo or writing a text on the platform and receive clear and quick responses in the same way from fellow students. Platform encourages students to solve other students’ challenger questions to be more succesfull.


Consumer Physics has developed SCiO, an advanced optical spectrometer that allows users to identify the chemical makeup of anything around them.  SCiO is effectively “Google for matter”, enabling the development of mobile applications that allow consumers to analyze the physical world using their smart phones.


Influitive is the leader in advocate marketing, an emerging segment of the overall $20B marketing software industry . Influitive  has pioneered a new marketing methodology and Software as a Service  platform for business to engage, incentivize, and direct  the activity of their advocates.


Pandora  uses  augmented  reality  and  virtual  reality  to  create  3D  models  of  interior  and  exterior architectural designs. Pandora allows architectural design and interior design companies to see 3D models of their buildings in the physical space.


Defter provides an easy way to manage your personal and commercial accounting.

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Regional Managing Director- CEE

Özlem Tümer Eke


Ali Rıza Babaoğlan


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